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In life, three things are certain: taxes, death and yet another bloody blog site. This is the latter. (Although, if you want to send me money and call it tax, I am up for that too.) So, what’s this one all about, then? Well, me, mostly. My musings on daily life and what I am currently up to. Some of you might know me from my band; some my brand. Others may have read a book and others may have stumbled across this site purely by accident and are now frantically searching for the little X in the corner to Go Away Quickly. Whatever, all are welcome. If you are unsure where to begin – or just want to explore a bit further to see if this place is for you – I would recommend you start here.



“If all we have is right now, what happens when you don’t know what to do with it?” And so began the most confusing time of my life. You see, for many years, I had pursued one goal. Fueled by an artistic bent and great ambition, I wanted to become an awesome rock star. I went some way to achieving that – a big fish in a very, very small pond – but, the closer I got to the Ultimate Goal, the more I realised I didn’t want it.

“Zion is a dreamer. Always has been, always will be. Probably best known as a founder member and vocalist of UK rock band SPiT LiKE THiS, alongside his long-time partner-in-crime Vikki Spit, with whom he also started and still runs the rather outrageous and offensively hilarious merch site, SMELLYOURMUM.COM. More recently, movies have been a thing in the form of BLAZE OF GORY and MEET THE CADAVERS. He is probably missing something.”

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“If you believe in what you do, others will believe in you. That is why you must follow your own truth. People will always spot a liar. It may make you unpopular to some and it will lead to many, awkward, unwelcome stand-offs, but life is full of those anyway, so you may as well get what you want out of them.”


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I was deep in conversation earlier when a rogue thought popped into my brain: "I wonder what this person looks like going to toilet". It was one of those uninvited thoughts that you have no control of; I wasn't being creepy or weird. Honest. (And it was a chap).

But then I started getting worried wondering if they could HEAR what my thought was. Do you ever get that? Where your inner monologue is so damn loud you are convinced everyone can hear it?

PS Don't EVER have a conversation with me... Or, if you do, be it at your own risk 😉
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2 months ago

LORD ZiON (Official)

One of the ducks was very sneaky and hid her eggs deep in a hay bale where we didn't find them until it was too late! So goddam cute.
#ducklings #ducklingsofinstagram #babyducks #babybirds #cuteducks #babyanimals #backyardpoultry #gardenpoultry
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