A Lifetime Ago

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A Lifetime Ago

Wow, this took me back! I was browsing eBay, looking for something completely different entirely, when I stumbled across a listing for this:

Skin Deep

That is me and Vikki on the cover, looking young and pretty. Both probably a bit drunk. Inside is a massive six page spread on us.

I will never forget that period in the band’s history – it was one of the most exciting. We were just on the rise and in the space of just a couple of months had two covers (including that one), a feature in Bizarre magazine and Total Guitar. Our star shot up.

The only copy I have of the Skin Deep mag was gifted to us the following Christmas by my brother and his wife, framed with a little plaque. I guess they were as proud and excited as I was. So I’ve not seen the inside of it for a while.

Shot over two days, we had to visit a studio in London for the bulk of the shots and then the photographer, Ashley, came to our house to shoot us in our natural environment (mostly a graveyard).

Shortly after Skin Deep came out, we had VIP passes to a Billy Idol concert as there was talk of us supporting him on tour. Rather embarrassingly, we took along copies of that magazine to show anyone who would pause long enough for us to shove it under their nose. Hey, we were excited, OK?! We’d gone from playing shitty venues to small crowds around the country, to being on the cover of a national magazine playing shitty venues to small crowds around the country.

Great times that I wouldn’t swap for the world. If you want to read about more band misadventures, you should read my book.

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  1. Damn Z! I keep forgetting to read your blog! That’s because i didn’t write myself a note, to remind me! Have to do that with everything nowadays, being so bloody old and forgetful 🙁 Very fab cover shot of you and Vikki on the Skin Deep magazine! Do you ever watch the Ink Master competitions on tv?

  2. P.S. I have now remembered to Bookmark your blog page – i just have to remember to check it from time to time! 🙂

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