Terrorism: A War We Cannot Win

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A War We Cannot Win

Manchester, England 22nd May 2017. A suicide bomber blows himself up at a concert mostly attended by young people with their whole lives ahead, killing – at the time of writing – 22. That sentence should tell you everything you ever need to know about the mindset of the people that carry out these acts. As per usual, whenever one of these increasingly frequent tragedies occurs, political leaders spout trite nonsense about “defeating terrorism” and “wars against terror”.

Let’s get one thing straight: we are not fighting terror. Unlike most wars, the fighting is not with a people, a country, a race, land, borders, oil, gold. It is a holy war against an ideology. Two sides battling it out over whose imaginary deity is best. Thousands are dying and millions more will be killed because of nonsense. It would be no less ridiculous if these actions were in the name of Father Christmas or the Tooth Fairy.

I suggested above that “millions more will be killed”. I don’t write that lightly and I didn’t write it as a flippant exaggeration. The future is bleak. It isn’t going to be cool robots, flying cars and jet packs, it is going to be nuclear winter and mass extinction.

This enemy we are fighting wants to die in the name of their cause. They welcome death. It is an honour to be chosen for martyrdom and they cannot wait to sit by God’s side surrounded by virgins and rivers of milk and honey. What the hell do we think will happen the second they get their own weapons of mass destruction? We are naiive and stupid if we think they will do anything other than fire as many nukes as they can toward the infidels to wipe them out once and for all. Our only response will be to fire back. No amount of diplomacy will change this and every time we kill or arrest any extremists, it motivates more disenfranchised, confused and weak-minded individuals to join their ranks.

It is sad and it is scary. There will be no winners. The people who were killed last night died for no reason. There will be many more. Our hearts bleed for those killed and their families – as they do for those caught up in collateral damage when we attempt to bomb terrorists into submission.

No wonder Elon Musk is devoting so much time, effort and money toward populating Mars; the lunatics are running the asylum back on earth and he wants to get the fuck out of here.

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