Another Door Closes

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Another Door Closes

Friends and fans of SMELLYOURMUM.COM* – we have some BIG news. Please read on…

A few weeks ago, we sent out a message to say that we were closing for a bit, to take a little break. This was a little bit of a white lie. Truth of the matter was that we had been in discussions with an old friend about passing on the flaming SMELLYOURMUM.COM torch and, the more likely it was looking, the more necessary it was to draw a line under mine and Vikki’s involvement.

Selling SMELLYOURMUM.COM was a really hard decision wrought with emotion. First of all, please know, this was not a financial decision. We were not motivated by greed and have not sold out and taken the corporate coin. Instead, we took the coin of an old friend, Craig Worsell. Better than that, Craig was with me and Vikki the day that we launched SYM at the Bulldog Bash way back when. We shared a van together, a stall together, a tent together. It was somewhat cosy.

In other words: there was no more suited person to carry on where we left off.

So, why did we sell? Simple, really, it was just time to move on. However immensely proud we both are of our achievements with SYM, life is about taking on new challenges and having new adventures. It did everything for us we could have ever hoped for – and more. For years, it successfully put food in our bellies and provided what we needed to run our band, SPiT LiKE THiS. When that unexpectedly ended in 2014, the writing was on the wall.

Since then, our lives have moved on. Other interests and business ventures are taking up our time. Vikki does her horse training stuff whilst I started a supplement company, my own range of supplements (quick plug:, buy and sell a few antiques/collectibles, write best selling books and am in the process of starting up a publishing company with a fellow author (details coming soon).

In short, we are busy. Very busy. And something was getting neglected: SMELLYOURMUM.COM. It didn’t seem right just to stop doing it but we hated the fact that we were letting it dwindle away. The most perfect solution would be for us to continue our mission to annoy a planet, in absentia. And then Craig came along, the stars aligned, the pieces fit and our chapter in this story ended.

Craig has been fully trained by Vikki so the quality will be at least as good as it has ever been. He will keep the feel and vibe of our sweary superstore and add his own two penn’orth as time goes on. He will be attending ComicCons to sell his wares and will do everything that we did that was good; ignore all the things that were bad and generally make a storming success of the whole thing.

My parting message is threefold:

1) Please continue to support the site. Craig is no rich guy and the money he paid for the company was hard earned. I won’t go on too much here, as he has his own story to tell, but just know that he is the Right Guy to take this thing over. So go buy a tee off him!

2) Vikki and I don’t want to lose touch with you. You have become our little internet family and we will miss you. So find us on the social media if you haven’t already. I am at, Vikki is at

3) Thank you. Thank you for everything that you have given us. Thank you if you were there at day one wondering WTF it was all about but took a chance. Thank you if you joined half way. Thank you if you ever bought anything, said Hi to us at a ComicCon, came to a concert, bought a CD, bought a book…whatever! Hell, even if you just lurked in a dark corner never getting involved: THANK YOU.

This company became so much more than we ever dreamed of. Our no-nonsense, no-compromise approach to commerce hit a nerve with hundreds of thousands – maybe millions – of you. We joined hands in one big middle finger to the status quo and shook things up a bit.

I hope you are as proud as we are.

Much love Zion & Vikki Spit x

*New to this site, me, and have no clue what SMELLYOURMUM.COM is or why this is significant? You can find out at bit more here.

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