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I’ve had many aborted attempts at writing books before. My first, when I was much, much younger was the A-Z Of Being A Rock Star. I did actually post it up on the original version of the website, until I got bored.

Fast forward way too many years and I finally finished writing a book. And I didn’t even know I was writing it and I most certainly didn’t expect it to reach number 3 on Amazon’s Bestselling Music Biography Chart!

You see, I was having trouble dealing with a whole clusterfuck of events that had piled atop me in the space of 12 months. Couple that with the nagging feeling that I was no-longer enjoying doing what I had always set out to do, I was one confused mother fucker. So I decided to try and write everything down to better understand myself: the who, what and why of Zion.

It wasn’t long before I found myself amused by some of what I had written. Other bits made me cry. A dash of it was insightful. What started off as a project is self-exploration became a narcissistic ego trip of the highest proportion.

Joking aside, who the fuck am I to write a memoir? A nobody and an everybody. And that is the point. You see, although I will have lead a very different life to you, us humans have many shared experiences all of which go into making us who we are. They inform how we live, where we live, our education, our work, our health, our biology and our thought processes.

Maybe you know of me, maybe you don’t. It really doesn’t matter. We are all spinning around on this great big ball wondering what the hell it is all about – and that is the crux of my book. As the tag line reads: “If all we have is right now, what happens when you don’t know what to do with it?”

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After finishing “A Life Amid Crisis” , I had a brilliant idea for a second book. However, this one is a work of fiction. Well, kind of…

It follows the adventures of a rock star who retires to the country and doesn’t quite know what to do with his life. Sound familiar?!

For a while I was stuck with how to present this idea. I contemplated writing a screenplay but then remembered how fucking hard it is making movies, so mulled the idea around in my brain cavity until I struck upon the notion of writing it in diary form. This way there would be a built in inner-monologue which would add to the hilarity.

At the time of writing (April 2017) I am about ¾ of the way through the book. Even if I do say so myself, it is REALLY funny. Think Adrian Mole crossed with Spinal Tap. The plan is to finish it off and have it ready for a Christmas release.

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I’m not going to pretend for one second that I am some kind of mystic guru that has the answer to life, the universe and everything (besides, we all know that to be 42), but I do occasionally have some insightful and wise thoughts.

Even though just writing that last little line makes me feel like a total wanker, I do believe I have spent enough time digging deep into my own brain and body, the brains and bodies of others (in a non-murderous capacity) to have learned an awful lot about human behaviour, human psychology and human physicality.

Over the years, I have publicly explored my depression and openly discussed how I intend to beat it. I have also shared the knowledge I have accumulated on things like health, fitness and wellbeing. Whenever I have written about such things or shared them, I have been overwhelmed by the response received, all of it positive. It seems to help people a lot.

I like helping people. A lot.

Hence this book. A literal A-Z of every and any occurrence in life and a practical way to deal with it. Obviously, that is a big task so this is a work in progress with a hopeful release date of 2018. Make sure you are among the first to hear about it by joining our mailing list.

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AKA “CUT THE CRAP”.Like most of us, I am obsessed with foot. As an overweight youth, in my late teens I set upon what would become a life-time mission to live a healthy lifestyle.

Apart from the drink and drugs (which I obviously quit; you can read about that in “A Life Amid Crisis”), I have lived that healthy lifestyle for 25+ years. It works well for me and it can work well for you.

Over those years, I have passed on some of what I learned most notably in an ill-fated blog called Fit Like This. Alas, being at times a FUCKING MORON, I accidentally deleted a couple of years’ work one day. Yes, I am hanging my head with shame. But it taught me enough to know that people found me relateable and appreciated my BS-free approach to diet, health and exercise.

You may have noticed within this site the blog section Plant Based Mother Fucker. The intention with this blog is to document and explore my own foray into eating entirely plant-based, something that I switched to early in 2017. Eventually, I will collate those blogs and add a whole A-Z of food – the good, the bad and the ugly – so that you might make informed decision about what you shove inside your body.

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“If you believe in what you do, others will believe in you. That is why you must follow your own truth. People will always spot a liar. It may make you unpopular to some and it will lead to many, awkward, unwelcome stand-offs, but life is full of those anyway, so you may as well get what you want out of them.”

-LORD ZION from “A Life Amid Crisis”