Give Me A Moment

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Give Me A Moment

Life is made up of moments: indefinable parcels of time in which an event is captured. A moment isn’t bound by the constraints of seconds, minutes or hours – it is it’s own thing.

And a lot can happen in a moment. Life-changing events. You can fall in love, break an arm, break a promise…discover gold! Moments are important.

We leap effortlessly from moment to moment and tend to forget the journey to it, so we really should learn to make more of them. After all, the more moments we consciously create, the more worthwhile memories we will have from the exact same given time span.

A moment doesn’t have to be huge or life-changing. The fact of the matter is that most of them are not. Most of them, in the big scheme of things, are insignificant and important only to us. But isn’t that all that matters?

Moments can change your mood and change your outlook. They define your day and, eventually, your life. Moments are snapshots – photographs – taken for the brain to be recalled at will. The more good moments you create, the happier you will be and the more positive memories you will have to draw upon.

I’ve given up seeking happiness in material objects; I know they rarely exist. As soon as the object of desire has been attained, it is pass√© and you want the next thing. The idea of this blog came to me when I was out on my bike, studying the view before me. I stopped riding to take it in. I peered down into the valley and gazed at the sparkling, winding river running through it. I took in the sights, sounds and smells. That was a moment.

Wherever you are on the planet, your surroundings will have such moments imprinted in them, just waiting for you to lift the lid of discovery. Opening your eyes to your surroundings creates a whole new world. You may be in a town or city full of wonderful architecture – just look up! Or inside a restaurant with the most amazing smell or laying on a beach accepting warmth from the sun.

Moments are fleeting and are there to be captured, so watch out!

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