Is Your Food Killing You?

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Is Your Food Killing You?

What do processed meats have in common with tobacco smoke, asbestos and plutonium? Give up? Quite unbelievably, they are classified as a Group 1 Carcinogenic.

As someone who, up until 18 months ago, was a regular consumer of processed meats (mainly in the form of ham, turkey rashers and packet chicken) I find this pretty shocking. Of course, I am no dummy and knew that it probably wasn’t the healthiest of foods but my priority was to keep my bodyfat in check and I found the convenience of the uniformity packet food provides useful.

Back in February 2016, I decided to become “vegequarian” – ie, the only animal I would eat was fish. A year later, in February of this year, I became a 100% Plant Based Mother Fucker!

And, boy, am I glad I did! Having spent a considerable amount of time now studying the benefits of a plant-based diet – along with catching up on the latest research on the health dangers associated with a omnivorous diet – I am left in no doubt that I made a good move.

There are a lot of false flags that crop up when a person announces that they are a PBMF (read this if you want to know why I refuse to call myself a vegan). Typically the subject of protein defficiency, nutrient defficiency, calcium defficiency and that plant eaters are whimpy.

Let me debunk that nonsense for you.

Guess what? ALL protein is created by plants. Whether you ingest it direct from a plant or through a cow, the source will have always been a plant. Plants turn nitrates into amino acids which turn into protein. Animals eat protein, humans eat the animals. Humans don’t need that much protein (approx 50g a day for the typcal being) so even eating the plant-based foods with the lowest protein levels, provided you ate sufficient calories for your body, you would get more than enough protein.

Even before I became a PBMF, I always thought this was an extremely ignorant, stupid comment. Whenever there is a new “superfood” announced, it always comes from a plant, so why the hell would anyone think that animal flesh would provide better nutrients, or that plants would provide worse?

This is one of the biggest fallacies. The fact is, drinking milk REDUCES calcium levels in the body. Studies show that countries with the highest consumption of dairy products also have the highest rates of osteoporosis. Animal protein causes acid levels in the body to rise. What is the antedote to acid? You got it, calcium! So your bones leach calcium to dissipate the acid created by the animal proteins.

Really? Tell that to a gorilla, rhinocerous or elephant. All grow to huge sizes with incredible strength through the consumption of plant-based food. And this has been so since the age of the dinosaurs when the herbivores were typically much larger creatures than the carnivores.

Please don’t think this blog post preachy. It is meant to inform. How people live their lives is up to them and, as I mentioned earlier, I spent 43 odd years eating meat so I cannot look down my nose at anyone. Those that have followed me on Facebook have known for years my devotion to a healthy lifestyle and this is just a facet of that borne out of an increase in my knowledge. The fact it also has ethical and ecological benefits is a welcome bonus.

If you would like to see things for yourself, a lot of this information is gleaned from “What The Health“, a documentary now on Netflix. It is well worth a watch.

3 Comments on “Is Your Food Killing You?”

  1. I’m heading back to a plant based diet. Was vegan for many years. Then it all got too expensive as I wasn’t living with parents anymore.
    Having received a cancer diagnosed 4 weeks ago I need to reassess my choices. I worked for an ingredients company for 3 yrs. First as a Food taster and then a Sensory Analyst. All pure processed crap! A ton of! This probably had didn’t help at all. Oh the joys. Boobless future. Argh. I’m 43. Damn.

    1. I am truly sorry to hear that, Marie. I would really recommend you watch the documentary I mention in the post. There is some information in it on dairy and it’s link with breast cancer. The good news is that there is a lot of evidence to show that a plant-based diet can make a massive difference to cancer cells. Stay strong!

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