Lacking Inspiration

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Lacking Inspiration

As someone who might loosely be described as an “artist”, I have often found myself going through a creative vaccuum. I am in one right now, which is why I’ve not blogged in ages.

There are often many causes surrounding such a funk and, on this occasion, it is that my mind is occupied elsewhere. Sometimes I find things so all-consuming that I can barely remember my name, let alone think of a chorus to write; a scene to create; a book to ponder or even a few scrappy sentences that claim to be a blog post.

I’ve spent months in the past where all I did was write songs. Riff after riff, verse after verse. It was a production line of music bursting forth. When I decided to write films, it is all I focussed on for about a year – accessing all the information I needed to understand the format, then actually writing them. When I wrote my book, most of it came together in a short amount of time.

Yet 2018 has arrived and all my creative energy has fucked off. I need to do something about this. I need to kickstart creativity.

When I got stuck on a scene when I was writing screenplays, I just wrote anything. Often, it is just that which creates enough of a spark to combust the inspirational engine. I should try that with the blogs. Just sit down and write anything, to see what happens.

It’s the supplement business, you see. I started it accidentally and went forth without a plan. It has now become all consuming, which I am not very happy about. I spent my time researching supps, buying supps, sorting orders for supps, chasing couriers, dealing with whingy customers and dealing with Amazon, who are a law unto themselves.

It was never meant to be this way.

When I quit the band and started searching for things to do, I happened upon the antiques and collectables. That was fun. I enjoyed that. Now they barely get a look in.

I need to re-jig. I need to be doing less of what I don’t like so much and more of things I do like. 2018 has been monumentally busy for me so far, but all for the wrong reasons.

There was a quote I heard the other day:


I love that quote. It sums up why I am in this pickle. I know I need to make money, but it should be happy money, so I need to get back to that.

Once I do, I just know I will be bursting with that creative energy once more.

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  1. surprised youve not written all bout that snow you had tbh, and the ensuing struggle with the wilderness!!!

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