List Of The Week #11

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List Of The Week #11

It’s been a couple of weeks. I know. When I started LOTW, I honestly thought it would be a proper LOTW. But, carrying on with apparent tradition, here is the List Of Wheneverthefuckilike!

“Ozarks”. Have you seen it? It is epic. A Netflix Original (those guys are knocking it out of the park), I was drawn to it being a fan of Justin Bateman ever since I was a kid and he was a kid starring in a US sitcom, the name of which escapes me (answers on a postcard…or down below). As an adult, Jason has continued with the comedy chops that made him famous so I wasn’t sure what he would be like in a straight, dramatic role. But he was excellent – intense and believable. Not only that, he didn’t play the usual down-trodden role and had a strength that was surprising. I won’t ruin anything for you other than to say IF you have Netflix and haven’t watched it yet, just watch it. You won’t regret it.

I wasn’t that familiar with 30 Seconds To Mars, other than knowing the name and being aware of Jared Leto through his various movie roles. I have enjoyed his performances in film and have been impressed at his acting chops so, when I saw there was a documentary film on his band, I was willing to give it a go. Hell, I will pretty much give ANY music documentary a go – having worked in the music business, it’s always intriguing to compare the experiences of major acts to the minnow that my band was. “Artifact” documents a legal case between 30 Seconds To Mars and their record label, EMI. Despite having sold 3 million of their second album, EMI thought that it would be a Really Good Idea to sue the band for breach of contract when they exercised their right (under a Californian statute) to leave their current contract so that they could re-negotiate a more favourable one. Incredibly – or not, if you have any idea of how the music business operates – 30 Seconds To Mars had received no royalties and, in fact, were still in debt to EMI for millions of dollars. Record company accounting is shady, to say the least. I know this from my own experiences, even having to pay to be released from a contract, even though the label was in very clear, provable breach. It is a shit business. So 30SOM decided to march ahead with the recording of their third album, funding the recording themselves with no knowledge of when, how or if it would ever see the light of day. I love seeing bands in the studio – that was always my favourite part of the job – and was impressed at Jared as a leader and musician (although it was his drummer brother who impressed me the most). Seeing the band being tormented by the looming law suit (a $30m at that), you can’t help but feel sorry for them. Frankly, how they continued with the kind of sanity they appeared to have is quite beyond my ken! Is there a happy ending? Pfft, maybe?? Watch the thing and see for yourself. Most would think yes, I’m not so sure.

I finally finished “Homo Deus”, and it was an excellent read from start to finish. Big thoughts designed to crack open your cranium and make your brain spill out all over the floor. I have swapped those giant ideas for another book about investment strategies, this one being “One Up On Wall Street”. Initially written in the early 1990s, it is rather comical to read as the author completely misses the point of several industries / companies that have become total giants. He is also very candid when speaking of his own failures as an investor. But there are still tips and ideas to glean from the book, even if it is woefully out-of-date. It wouldn’t be top of my reading list, but I do like to read a mind-bender followed by a more learned tome. It is oddly relaxing.

Taylor Swift. Those are two words I didn’t expect to appear on my blog anytime. Yet she holds an odd place in my heart. You see, when we moved up here, all of our initial defining moments were accompanied by Miss Swift and whatever hit of hers it was spewing out of Radio 2. As it is with music, whenever I hear that song, I am instantly transported back to those wide-eyed days of bewilderment and astonishment. The only reason I mention her now is that a news piece on her latest song, “Look What You Made Me Do”, caught my eyes as it uses a melody from Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy”. So what? Well, I was interested in the article for two reasons. The first being that it was an article about how RSF had a credit on TS’ new single due to this melody similarity. I found it refreshing that a potentially letigious situation was avoided by TS Doing The Right Thing. Good on her. And I am sure RSF are grinning from ear-to-ear as the YouTube views of her video approach a billion! SO WHAT? It is the second reason that made me particularly interested because, quite incredulously, Vikki and I have a tenuous link to Right Said Fred ever since their team got in touch with us over our SMELLYOURMUM.COM t-shirt “I’m So Sexy, I Shit Right Said Fred”. Clearly, there is some karma at play here because, instead of suing our butts off, causing us endless trouble, they wanted a couple to sport as they found it hilarious. So Vikki and I hand-delivered the tees, met the Freds who were very friendly and, since then, I have become Facebook friends with them both. As for the TS song itself? Well, I had to have a listen to see how close the melody was and it is, very. And that is the best bit of the tune.

A chair massager and heater. It is good, but it should come with a warning (maybe it does)… I bought it due to a pulled muscle in my back causing me a lot of pain. I hoped it would fix it. It didn’t: the vibration made it much worse. Lesson learned. The heat was nice though.

Lots, this past couple of months. Since eBay have allowed slightly more random items to be advertised on their site (which is what I sell), my sales have shot up. And long may it stay that way!

The Range Rover passing it’s MoT (see last LOTW). It was tricky to get to the source of the problematic Co2 level but the little computer gizmo thingy said that our throttle sensor wasn’t working. As this could clearly confuse an ECU, that seemed a logical first step. So that was replaced, for not that much cash and… it still failed. Except then it didn’t. Keeping it on the machine for a while and, somehow, the parameters changed just enough for it to fall within the pass range. Hoorah!

I’ve been pretty bummed out over all this stuff between North Korea and the USA. I know that the North Korean leaders are dicks and antagonistic, but a nation the size of the USA should not respond with an eye-for-an-eye mentality. By saying that any threat would be met with “fire and fury” is a) typically childish rhetoric of an egotistical pratt and, b) not the right fucking response. The only good end to this situation will come through diplomacy. North Korea have not invaded anywhere for many, many decades. Yet, they have been invaded – by the USA! So no wonder they are a bit wary of them and, seeing as no official peace has been declared between the US and North Korea, is it any wonder that they want to display the fact that they can take care of themselves? If the US leaders could just grow up a bit, sign off on the Korean War, this whole sorry mess will most likely go away. The fact that the words “nuclear” and “war” are being bandied around should make anyone in power take a breath and find a resolution.

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  1. A bit late to reply to this, as it’s now the 1st October! Sorry! Been a bit pre-occupied with stuff 🙁
    Anyway, i watched : The Great Wall – twice! Kong Skull Island. And the new documentary series on BBC4, about the Vietnam War. Oh, and the Great British Bake-Off, of course! 🙂
    I’m reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Next book to read is “Manhunt : The Twelve-Day Chase for Abraham Lincoln’s Killer” by Jam,es L. Swanson.
    I bought Vikki’s Birthday present! 🙂 Didn’t sell anything, but gave away tons of stuff to a local animal charity.
    Listened to – Metal, as usual!
    Highlight of the week – smelling the fab Autumn air!
    Lowlight of the week – still can’t find anywhere to live 🙁 But something will turn up, as Mr. Micawber used to say!

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