List Of The Week-ish #12

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List Of The Week-ish #12

Decided that I really should change the title of these LOTW. My good intentions go right out of the window as time becomes more and more limited and, when I have the time to blog, I want to write about other stuff. So, from hereon, this portion of the blog shall be known as – *drumroll* – LIST OF THE WEEK-ISH. Yeah, I know. Bit of a let down. Without further adon’t…

“I Am Thor”. Nope, not me personally, but the title of a documentary about 80s bodybuilding rocker, Thor. This sprung up on Amazon Prime and immediately lit up a dim and distant portion of my brain that remembered Thor from old Kerrang! mags. I always have an interest in the rock music from that era (duh!) so wanted to watch it. It’s kind of like the Anvil movie, in-so-much-as it is a rags to riches, back to rags, clamber for more riches tale. I knew nothing about Thor, the man or the music, so was intrigued to learn that he had been around since the 70s, appearing on TV shows being all strong and buff and stuff eventually moving into music. He had a mega-huge deal with RCA that came with a life-changing opportunity, but he kinda fucked it up. He did this a lot. Opportunity after opportunity came his way and, although it is not expressively stated thus, it is clear that he ballsed it. So he quit in the late 80s and went off to sulk with his new wife in suburbia. He quit bodybuilding but forgot to stop eating so, by the time he decided upon a come-back just 10 years later, he had ballooned into a middle-aged man. But, bless him, on he marched, waving large hammers, smashing bricks on his chest and bending steel in his mouth. I must say, he is entertaining. Shame the music is a bit shit. So, what did I get out of this? I have scrabbled around the lower rungs of the music business so know the drudgery and machinations that not many see. The public just see the really cool bit: you on stage being awesome. What they don’t see is all the crap that it takes to get to that point, then the crap that follows is. Your heart has to be 100% into doing it, otherwise it will destroy your soul (which is why we eventually quit doing SPiT LiKE THiS). His comeback goes on and on and on. He gets older, fatter, unwiser and manages to have a stroke – not one of the sexy kind. Eventually, he is thrown a bone in the shape of a mini tour of Sweden and Finland. Will the Scandinavians save the day? Well, I’m not going to ruin it for you, so watch it and find out for yourself.

Best film watched, by a considerable margin, was the second installment of “Guardians Of The Galaxy”. You have probably seen it, so I won’t bother going into the plot or anything like that. All I will say is that it was so much fun. Almost too much fun. It really is the perfect balance between humour, character and action – a difficult one to achieve. Not only that, it has a colour palette that makes my bellend all dewy. It reminds me so much of the 80s campathon that was “Flash Gordon”. They are definite classics-to-be. It even has a lead actor with the surname of Pratt. What more could you want?.

Not all that long ago, Vikki and I were shown around Newcastle by some friends. One of the first stops was a really good art gallery which had works by Edward Lear. I was very much drawn to these as they were unlike anything I had previously scene. Not particularly detailed watercolours with pencil-written notes all over them commenting on landscape, colours and so on. I then remembered that he is the “Owl and the Pussycat” author, so I really had to learn more. I’m just about finished with a book on his life called The Wanderer. As can be expected, he was a fascinating individual, full of contradictions and curmugeons. And, for that era, he lead a fantastical life, travelling to places so exotic few go there today. Think Michael Palin with a paint brush. As the biography is pieced together from fractions of letters and diaries that remain, there are some leaps that may or may not be fact, but even brushing that to one side, it is really interesting.

Thor. See above. A bit shit.

It’s a toss up (filthy) between a pair of authentic Hitler Youth ski boots and an old 1970s upright till. Even though the former is more historically interesting, I didn’t know they existed until I got them, whereas, for some very strange reason, I have always wanted one of those tills. And now I have one. I got it on the day that I write this very blog. It is heavy, it hurt my leg, but it makes a very satisfying “kerching” sound, just like the eBay app does whenever anything is sold. I shall clean it up, have a play and stick it online so some other person who wants to hurt their leg can buy it.

A very large painting of a whaling vessel. Not very PC but a good painting with a famous ship in it. I only found this out later, but the ship is still in existance and is now a museum. That was a car boot find, so am very happy with that sale.

I am going to go with the Mr Olympia. For those that don’t know, this is the Superbowl of bodybuilding and the competition that Arnie won 7 times, lurching him into public consciousness. It is something those that are into the sport look forward to every year, even if it is mostly predictable. The way the judging goes, you see, is that the previous winner comes in with an advantage, ie the competition does not start on an equal playing field, it starts with the previous champ being number one so the other contestants have to knock him off the top spot. This is why, since the competition began in the 60s, there have been just 13 winners! Arnie won 7, Lee Haney won 8, Dorian Yates (British) won 6, Ronnie Coleman won 8 and the last 7 have been won by Phil Heath. In between that are some 1s and 2s, but that’s it. So, it’s not the most exciting competition, really, but us bodybuilding fans have to take what we can get as it is such a minority sport. So, yay!

Seeing the devestation caused by the hurricanes that have been tearing a path across parts of the world has really made me sit up and count my blessings. The old car is playing up a little bit – nothing major, just an annoying thing – but, whenever I find myself getting sulky over it, I think about the thousands of people who have been left stranded, destitute and homeless. Life can really shit on people from a great height at times.

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