List Of The Week #2

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List Of The Week #2

Here it is, the moment you have all been waiting for, List Of The Week #2. Just me and a keyboard listings stuff for shits and giggles. Make sure you write your own list below. I’m nosey like that.

A good seven years after the fact, I finally got around to watching the acclaimed “Blackfish”. The documentary is about the injuries and deaths at SeaWorld caused by the Orcas – aka Killer Whales – that they keep in captivity. It was extremely moving and taught me a hell of a lot about Killer Whales, their communities in the wild and their intelligence. It seems crazy to me that any large animal is kept in captivity unless it is for the survival of the species. The space these mammals are kept in is shockingly small, all for the entertainment of us. Clearly, it is not right and it shouldn’t take a documentary to highlight this issue to the world. I remember as a child being take to Dolphinariums by my parents and grandparents. Dolphins in what amounted to nothing more than a swimming pool singing happy birthday and dancing on their tails. I cannot pretend I didn’t enjoy these antics, but I felt sorry for them not having their freedom. It wasn’t too long after that places like that were closed down as public tastes and attitudes changed. It’s about time places like SeaWorld caught up.

Netflix are churning out their own content at a rapid rate. On the whole, it is good quality stuff so, when the poster for “War Machine” appeared on my screen, I thought it looked interesting. Brad Pitt pulling a pose and face indicated this was some kind of comedy, albeit most likely a dark one. As the title suggests, it is a war movie set in Afghanistan. Brad’s character seems completely at odds with the rest of the film. It really is quite peculiar. Everything from his voice to his face to his posturing is comedic yet the tone of the movie is not. Yes, there are a couple of moments where you chuckle, but this is purely at Pitt’s characterisation. It doesn’t work and feels like several films battling for supremacy; confusing and muddled.

“Nevermind The Quantocks” by Stuart Maconie is an acquired taste. Like most of Maconie’s books, the writing is tinged with humour which makes it very easy reading but the subject of the book is very niche. If you have never read a Stuart Maconie book, he has three loves: music, the north and walking. I have read those about music and the north so was willing to give this collection of essays previously published in a walking magazine a go. Most of the book covers the Wainwright walks of the Lake District. Living about an hour or so north of the Lake District, it’s an area I am becoming more familiar with so, recognising some of the names made the book interesting to me. Especially as I am considering going there next week for my birthday. I must say though, if you aren’t into walking or don’t enjoy the sights of the Lake District, it would probably be one to avoid.

Often while working I have YouTube playing in the background. I recently discovered the podcast “WTF with Marc Maron” thanks to an interview with him on a different podcast where he discusses the time he interviewed President Obama, in his garage! This sounded too good to be true but, nope, all of his podcasts are produced in his garage so, when POTUS went to visit, that’s where it was set. Naturally, there was some major security before, during and after (which Marc describes in the preamble) but, still, that is quite crazy. It really demonstrates how the internet has changed the way everyone behaves, even the most powerful on the planet. Anyway, the podcast is well worth a listen. Obama comes across as he always does: warm, intelligent, funny, self-depricating, charming. Damn, I miss him.

A spinning wheel light fitting. Honestly! This was an antique, part of a spinning wheel that was reclaimed from a manor house (the hunting lodge). It was pretty cool and I grabbed it at a bargain price from a carboot. It wasn’t working but, none-the-less, it was barely on eBay before someone snapped it up.

This Hand painted Russian trinket box was an item I probably paid a bit too much for at an antique fair. But it was so pretty, I just had to own it a bit. I do that a lot. But, it was about time to turn over some stock so I discounted it to get it shifted. These are really nice items – I’d suggest keeping an eye out for them.

Easy: my brother, sister-in-law, nephew and niece coming up to visit for a few days. I don’t get to see my family that much since moving so savour every minute of it when I do.

Trump. Every fucking week could be Trump but, this week, President Dipshit Of The USA has pulled America out of the Paris treaty, putting America further back in time whilst simultaneously endangering the whole planet. Hoorah! What.a.cock.

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