List Of The Week #4

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My LOTW are gradually becoming more LOTETD (List Of The Every Ten Days). Sorry about that, still finding my blogging groove, working out where it fits in my regular schedule of doing As Little As Possible 🙂

By far the best documentary watched recently was “What The Health“. The follow-up film to “Cowspiracy“, this is as important a documentary to those seeking a path toward long-term health as the aforementioned “Cowspiracy“, “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” and “Forks Over Knives“. I won’t comment on “What The Health” as I speak in depth about it on this blog post. I highly encourage you to check it out, along with the others. They could – literally – change your life.

Have been watching a lot of films lately, taking advantage of the 2 for £16 offer a couple of the supermarkets are doing. I’ll buy two movies to watch then immediately stick them on eBay, normally getting close to my original purchase price. It’s kind of like hiring a film, I guess. Anyway, I finally got around to watching “La La Land”. One of the most talked about movies of recent times, I wanted to see what all the fuss is about. I’m not adverse to a good musical (“The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, “Hedwig And The Angry Inch” and “Chicago” being my Top 3) so was open to enjoying it. And, I gotta tell ya, it deserved all the hype. Beautifully written with stunning direction, combined with Oscar-worthy acting and decent-enough songs. In fact, I think the songs were the weakest part of the film with only the main theme that crops up through the film being the one that stuck with me. It’s a heart-warming, heart-breaking film and, if you want to shed a bundle of happy tears, give it a go.

I was all poised to buy “The Princess Diarist” by Carrie Fisher around Christmas time. However, with Carrie’s utimely passing, I didn’t feel much like reading it. I decided to have it as a birthday present and was looking forward to reading it. And I was disappointed. I’m not into poetry in the slightest – and there is quite a lot in the book – so I mainly skipped those bits. What I wanted most out of the book I didn’t get. I wanted to hear all about the making of Star Wars and the aftermath from Carrie’s point of view. What I got was 1/3rd of a book about how she shagged Harrison Ford. Frankly, beyond the initial “I shagged Harrison Ford” bit, it is not something that particularly interests me. As in, I couldn’t care less. But it is ALL she wanted to talk about. Snippets from her diary were also mostly Harrison-centric and it was only the last 1/3rd of the book where I felt like I was hearing Carrie as I know her from her other books. There are a few precient passages (most striking about how the value of her autograph will skyrocket upon her death), but that was the only part of the book that made me feel anything other than disappointment. Seems like a lost opportunity.

Being a luddite, it has taken me approximately 15 years to realise that I can play music into my head via my mobile phone. One reason of this is because I abhor mobile phones so try and keep a safe distance between me and it, but I have now warmed to it slightly. I downloaded many hours of music to it (witchcraft), one of them being the album “High Hopes” by Bruce Springsteen. I’ve been a BS fan since the mid-80s, but not a hardcore one. I happen to think he has written quite possibly the Best Song Ever (“Born To Run”) but found a lot of music I wasn’t so hot on. So I dipped in and out. Very glad I dipped into “High Hopes” though, I’m currently just 4 songs in but am hooked. If your relationship with Bruce has been similar to mine, it could be one to check out.

A toilet roll holder that looks like a knight holding twixt his gauntletted hands (Sir Wipe Alot). Wonderfully kitsch and tacky. An absolute must-have!

Sir Wipe Alot

A really nice set of 4 vintage woodblock prints of various Spanish locations. They cost me very little but I recognised the quality so was pleased to get a decent price for them.

Despite having lived just 40-odd miles from the city of Newcastle, we had never visited it since moving up here (did go there on tour, but never got to see anything). Some friends of ours offered to give us a guided tour. Spent several hours exploring this historical city and am glad we did.

Of course, it has to be the terrible fire at Grenfell Towers in west London. Horrifying doesn’t even come close to describing both the inferno and the neglect of the authority that owned it.

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