List Of The Week #5

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List Of The Week #5

So how as your week been? I seemed to have spent way too much time indoors, such was the weather. Still, it gave me a chance to catch up with a few bits and pieces, hence an on-time list.

Only watched one documentary this week, so it’s the only one to report on. “Nobody Speak: Trial Of The Free Press” focuses on Hulk Hogan and his wayward penis. A gawker site posted up a video of the Hulk shagging the wife of his best friend that it had obtained. They did not have permission to do this so the Hulk sued. Frankly, it was a bit of a ridiculous sitation to begin with. For a start, why would the best friend want Hogan to bone his wife? Secondly, why was it filmed? And why the fuck did the Hulk let it be filmed? As far as I’m concerned, if you are that far in the hole and you are a major celebrity, you should EXPECT for a tape of your misdemeanor to be released. It may or may not be morally right, but that is the society we live in so those are the rules by which to abide. Hogan was rewarded a ridiculous sum ($100m), bankrupting the website in question, it’s offshoot businesses and the owner in the process. So Hogan has effectively been rewarded $100m for cheating on his wife and nobbing his best mate’s wife. Ludicrous.

Best film watched this week was easily “The Batman Lego Movie”. It was almost perfect. Brilliant direction, brilliant animation, brilliant script, brilliant voice actors. There isn’t really too much to say on it, really, other than you’d have to be dead not to be entertained like a bastard by it.

After the disappointing Carrie Fisher book, I dived into another celeb book, this one Phil Collins’ autobiography, “Not Dead Yet”. Apart from PC nicking the title from one of my band’s songs I am actually one of the few that will admit to a) liking Genesis and, b) liking Phil Collins as a singer but mostly as a drummer. I grew up on Genesis music, my mum and dad being massive fans. I was fed mostly the stuff from the 70s then, being a teen in the 80s and very much into music, I was very aware of albums like “Mama” and “Invisible Touch”. Being fairly cognisant of Genesis’ musical history, I really enjoyed reading about how it all came about. There was an annoying affectation throughout the book, however, and that was that it was written in the present tense. Having a person speak about events forty years old as though they are in the process of happening was both annoying and distracting as I had to keep reminding myself that it is a situation long past, not one currently in the process of. I also thought he was a bit of a dick to his many, many wives. To be fair though, he does pretty much state that himself. Mostly enjoyable but I suspect only if you like Genesis or Phil.

I caught up on some Aerosmith this week. They were a big band for me growing up and I’ve seen them a few times life. I’m currently reading Joe Perry’s autobiography (more on that next week) so was reading about all these songs I know and love so felt like a refresher course. My faves? “Nobody’s Fault” from “Rocks” may be my favourite tune of theirs. If only Steven Tyler didn’t keep making us suffer his nob-wilting ballads, I think I’d love them a lot more.

Part of the 2017 Zion Challenge is be open to new ideas and to explore the spiritual aspect of life. I don’t mean ghosts, ghouls, goblins or gods but Mindfulness. I speak more in depth about that journey throughout this site, so I won’t go into it more here other than to mention that part of this journey involves meditation. Or at least attempting to learn to meditate. As someone who has mainly lived his life in fast-forward, the notion of slowing down to smell the roses is an entirely new concept to me, but I believe it to be transformative and useful, so I intend to persevere. As I like to do things properly (ie buy all the cool stuff to go along with whatever I am interested in this week), I decided to buy a meditation Zabuton and cushion – mainly because it is fucking uncomfortable sitting on a stone or wooden floor without bottom or ankle protection! A Zabuton is a soft mat, a cushion is, well, a cushion, but quite a firm one to provide support to keep your posture intact. Purchased in maroon to match a Buddhist cloak. My brain has gone all topsy turvy…

Not much at all, really. Certainly nothing worth mentioning. End of the month + good weather = few sales. One of the only items I did flog (a vintage Kodak camera from the 80s) was purchased by some dickhead that turned out to be a non-payer. Cunt.

It’s been one of those weeks this week. Nothing particularly AMAZING happened, nor anything awful (thankfully). If I had to choose anything, my highlight and lowlight would actually be the same event. I invest in the stock market (don’t ask – I wasn’t expecting that either) and one of my best stocks, no, scrap that, my VERY best stock has been Boohoo. It’s a clothing company for those that don’t know. Frankly, a year ago, I didn’t know either. Anyway, it was a stock I picked out last year and have gradually been topping it up as it’s star has risen. That has been pretty damn far and I have just about doubled my money in it so far. However, this past week, the stock’s price has retreated a bit (through no other reason other than it had gotten a bit frothy and the whole market is grumpy at the moment) and hit the Stop Loss I had set, selling off half of the shares I held (a Stop Loss is the price that you pre-programme for the share to sell at to protect your capital, returns or minimise losses). On one hand, it’s great because I realised a large profit but…

…on the other hand, if I decide to buy back in or top up at any point in the future, I will be buying in at a much higher price so gains will be harder to come by. Not only that, if I had sold half at it’s peak a couple of weeks back, I would have made about another 15%. (Do not pity me).

At some point, I will write a blog about the stock market, investing and how/why I did something I never imagined I would do. It is actually Quite Interesting. Honest.

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