List Of The Week #8

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List Of The Week #8

Man, I ache! I started Yoga this week. I’ll go into it in a bit more detail below but, needless to say, it has left me feeling a bit beaten up. However, I know this to be a temporary discomfort as my body gets used to these new positions, exercises and stretches, so I shall persevere. Until that time though, OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!

Saw a couple of great documentaries this week, plus a couple of shite ones. Normally, the rubbish ones tend not to last long before we turn it off and find something else, as was the case this week. Anyway, the good, not the bad! “Chasing Coral” sounds like just about the most boring subject for a documentary imaginable. After all, coral doesn’t really do much. It just kind of exists. Or at least, that is what I thought before watching this doc. Coral is, basically, the trees of the sea. If we got rid of all the trees, those of us above water level would be fucked. Likewise, if all the coral died, the ickle and not so ickle sea creatures would also be fucked. Problem is, due to the increasing water temperatures around the world, the coral IS dying at an alarming rate. The warm water causes bleaching of the coral which leads to death. When that happens, all the creatures that depended on it for sustinance and shelter have to find someplace else. The most shocking statistic was that almost 25% of the Great Barrier Reef was bleached in 2016. And, as the water temperatures – even at the lowest estimates – will continue to rise faster than the coral can adapt, it isn’t looking great for coral. A beautifully shot documentary filled with people who explained the situation well and passionately. It was nowhere near as dull as imagined!

Films were a bit dull this week, so I will mention a comedy show instead. “Maron” is written by and stars comedian “Marc Maron”. There is a big chance you’ve never heard of him. I am a bit of a comedy slut yet I hadn’t come across him before (oo-er) until I discovered his WTF Podcast. Recorded in his garage, he has interviewed just about anyone you can think of. It was his interview with the last POTUS, Obama, that drew my attention to him. He relayed prior to the interview how his suburban street was basically filled with CIA during the interview, being swept for bombs, snipers and so on. I enjoyed his interview style – honest and combattive – so listened to more. Thankfully, he’s been doing this for years to there are hundreds for me to catch up on. And catch up on I have been! Then, a week or so ago, I discovered that he had a show on Netflix. Based on his rather bizarre life, the line between truth and fiction is tip-toed across making for interesting viewing. Having listened to a lot of his podcasts now, I recognise some of the situations he portrays in the TV show. Sometimes note perfect, sometimes exaggerated, always worthwhile. He’s a grumpy, middle-aged man who has discovered success by surprise late in life. It makes for interesting listening, and viewing.

I mentioned last time the faulty “The Making Of The British Landscape: From The Ice Age To The Present” book that I had to stop reading. Well, after receiving a new copy – without the inserted random book pages – I picked up the reading of it. It is a big, thick book so I’m not getting through it as fast as most books I read. However, it remains excellent and as we have now gone from several thousand years BC to the 19th century, I fully expect to finish it in the next day or two!

Nothing new this week, apart from the hippie music they play in the background of my new Yoga DVD. Does that count? It is relaxing.

We have an old Range Rover Vogue. It’s a 2001 P38 model that we got before moving up north on the advice of friends that said “you will need a 4×4”. I liked it way more than anticipated and, in the near 3 years we have been up here, it’s covered some 40k and remains a sturdy beast. One of the things I like the most about it is the burbling V8 engine. I love V8s, nothing sounds quite like them. Anyway, about a month ago, half of one of the exhausts just before the silencer fell off, rotten. As it wasn’t an MOT issue, we decided to wait on getting it seen to until we really needed to. In the meantime, I have loved hearing how the car sounds through this silencer-free exhaust. A front-end rattle, which had gotten louder over the past few weeks, was diagnosed as a failing tensioner so, as this was classed as quite an urgent fix, we decided to get the exhausts replaced at the same time. A quick look on eBay and I discovered that we could pick up a stainless steel exhaust for just a little bit more than a standard one. As this should make the burble a bit more audible – as well as eeking out a few more bhp from the engine – we decided to go for it. At the time of writing, it is with the mechanic being installed. I am oddly excited by the results. I don’t want an obnoxious Loud As Fuck exhaust sound, and I am not trying to make a little pip-squeak engine sound like, well, a V8, I just want a slightly lower rumble. Fingers crossed!

This rather bizarre resin skeleton rock band. It was an unexpected find at an antique fair a few months back which, naturally, I could not resist!

Believe it or not, starting Yoga. I wrote a whole blog about it here, so I shan’t repeat myself, but I will do a progress report. I have now completed 6 or 7 lessons, ranging from 35 minutes to approx 60 minutes. Whilst I do ache, as previously mentioned, my flexibility has increased rather dramatically. I am now mere centimetres away from being able to touch my toes with straight legs. You may mock but, prior to starting Yoga, I could only just get below my knees so, to me, this is quite miraculous. I fully expect to be able to suck myself off within the month 😉

Two of our ducks are missing. Exactly one year to the day of them hatching, we noted that we were two down. This may sound remiss but, when there are 18 of the buggers that refuse to keep skill, they can be tricky to count. But, the gaggle didn’t look quite right so, after several attempts, I managed an accurate count and realised the AWOLs. We are hoping that they have just gone off looking for some action (it is two boys that have gone) and that they will be back, eventually. Problem is, the Muscovy breed tends to mate for life so, if they have found a girl duck to play with, we will either end up with two bonus ducks or we’ll never see them again. Thankfully, we are too high up for any natural predators, so at least they should still be in one piece, wherever they are.

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  1. Hiya Z! Well done with the Yoga! All i can manage is “Seated Tai Chi”. I knew about the bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef coral – disastrous 🙁 Our poor planet 🙁 (Did you ever watch that dvd i sent you, “Home”? Did it make you a bit teary? It did me.) We watched a fascinating documentary this week, “Draining the Bermuda Triangle”. If you get a chance to see it on catch-up tv (it was on Channel 5) it’s well worth watching. I’ve been reading “The English Electric Lightning Story” by Martin W. Bowman – it’s one of my top two Cold War aircraft!. Also Faerie Story by Raymond E. Feist. Been listening to more Metal, as per usual! I bought some 2018 calendars – a Vulcan Bomber one (my other top fave Cold War airplane) and of course a Hamster calendar (my first one, i usually have several!) Also bought the Vulcan “Farewell to Flight” dvd, in the sale at the Vulcan to the Sky online shop. And some Vulcan shaped paperclips! I’m really sorry to hear that two of your ducks have gone missing, and i hope they come back home very soon. Highlight of the week – the Haematologist is “very pleased” with my latest blood test results, which are all “acceptable”, and i don’t have to see him again for 6 months (unless the problems come back again) Hurrah! I can relax a bit now! Also, another highlight was seeing the MASSIVE USS George W, Bush, anchored off Ryde – It’s enormous!! Great view from the seafront! Oh – the Island is having its first Comic Con, on Saturday the 4th and Sunday th 5th of November. Can you and Vikki come??!! 🙂 Xxx

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