List Of The Week #9

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List Of The Week #9

List of the week-ish is late this week. We had a visitor in the shape of Vikki’s mum so half the week was spent zooming around the north of England trying to dodge the rain. We were only partially successful!

The best documentaries were directly linked so I shall include them both here. “Bigger, Stronger, Faster” is a doc by a guy who grew up in the muscle-bound 80s and wanted to get big, as did his brothers. Where his brothers took steroids to gain size, he decided against it. The film explores steroids, the dangers there are (and aren’t) in taking them and how they are perceived in society. It was well told and constructed and, as the documentarian involved both himself and his family in it, as a viewer, I felt a vested interest in the whole flick. The next day, we watched the kind-of follow up, “Prescription Thugs”. This focuses more on how the drug industry, specifically and particularly in the USA, does what it can to keep the nation just ill enough whereby they keep taking their products. Unlike most other countries, in the USA pharmaceutical companies are allowed to advertise on TV. This creates the paradox where the patient goes to the doctor to ask for a particular drug, rather than the doctor seeing the patient and suggesting something. Again, the filmmaker included his family in the documentary, to quite shocking effect. You don’t have to be into sports to get something out of these films, so they are well worth a watch.

I’m not the biggest fan of blockbuster movies. They tend to lack a cohesive story and are more interested in the bluff and bluster of the visuals rather than character development. So I started watching “Kong” with trepidation (not only am I not a fan of blockbusters, I also tend to dislike animal-based movies). Now, although the movie was daft, unrealistic and over the top, it was quite good fun with a decent enough story and enjoyable characters. I was surprised by it. I am usually tearing my hair out within about 15 minutes of your typical action film, but this one kept me entertained from start to finish. Best of all, it was free, thanks to some offer on Amazon Prime.

I finished “The Making Of The British Landscape: From The Ice Age To The Present” (see last LOTW) and can highly recommend it. I then read “The Future Is Small” by Gervais Williams. To say it is a niche read is a bit of an understatement as you not only need to have an interest in the stock market, but the micro-cap stocks therein. I found it interesting though and it gave me food for thought. It was a quick read and I have since started on “Homo Deus”. More on that next time.

I have been rediscovering some of the music of my youth, lately. This is mainly because I decided to actually use my mobile phone as a portable music device (who knew?!) and shoved a bunch of albums on it to listen to during my workouts. The standout for me was the first Rage Against The Machine album. I was verily bouncing around the garden, air guitar in hand, making a right arse out of myself.

As anyone who has known me for even the shortest period of time can testify, I wage a serious war against any body fat that dare attach itself to my body. As a result, I tend to spend an awful lot of time (and, sadly, money) experimenting with various “fat burning” supplements. They rarely do that much, to be honest, but every now and again, something great comes along. And so I hoped it would be with Yohimbine. I had been hearing about it for a while so eventually relented and imported some from the USA. For some reason, it is tricky to get here. I subsequently spent two days being Very Ill Indeed. I put this down to the Yohimbine and, sure enough, when I stopped, so did the pukiness. So, clearly, not for me!

Even though the Yohimbine wasn’t for me, I had the foresight to import a few bottles at once, putting the others on eBay. After all, as mentioned, it is hard to get over here. Bingo! Sold the lot within a day or two. Ordered more, that sold. So, until I am told otherwise, I shall keep doing this to earn a few extra quid each month and provide a service to those that want it.

As mentioned at the top of this blog, Vikki’s mum came up from London to visit. It is always nice when people come and visit as it gives us an excuse to do much less than normal and visit places that we ordinarily wouldn’t. We zipped from pillar to post, racking up the miles. My favourite place we visited was the Bowes Museum in Barnard Castle; incredible pieces of artwork all within an impressive, historical stately home.

I guess, when I started doing the LOTW stuff, I put “lowlight” simply to balance out the highlight of the week. Some ying and yang. But, the truth of the matter is, I rarely have anything proper to moan about. So I shan’t unless something really rotten happens. All that happened to me in the last week or so which wasn’t that great was the pukey stuff, but that was my fault anyway, so I can’t complain!

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  1. Sounds a packed week. Id recomend watching (if you can find it) a bbc2 horizon docu called ‘why did i go mad’ you might find it interesting bein a mental health sufferer. This goes into the schizophrenia side of mental health. Exploring what causes it how it effects ppl. How ppl deal with it.. if anythin itll explain where iv been for that year i disappeared. It really opened my mums eyes

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