MOT For Your Body

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MOT For The Body

The Range Rover had an MoT* today. It failed. Sodding emissions. Most likely the cat just needs a bit of a clear out, which a blast up the motorway could fix but, of course, there is the worse-case-scenario where new cats are involved. I hate MoTs. Stress + Money x Time = MoT.

This got me thinking. It is a legal requirement for vehicles to go through this fitness test, so why is this not something applied to us humans? How about if, every 12 months, we were legally required to have a health test? It costs nearly £60 for an MoT and that would be a reasonable amount for a health test (with those on a low income receiving the test for free).

Think about it. You go to the doctor for your test and they flag up that your blood pressure is a bit high. They give you a leaflet on how best you can reduce it, potentially saving you further health complications.

Of course, the argument about the NHS being overwhelmed would be the first mark against it. But it would be a short term investment for a long-term benefit. By spending a little bit more right now, the NHS could be saving millions in time when they are not having to deal with as many major illnesses. After all, most illnesses can be prevented and, as the adage goes, prevention is better than cure.

I am sure there are a whole raft of arguments and complications I have not considered (life insurance companies for a start would want to be in on it!) but I would think it an idea worth exploring.

It won’t happen. At least not yet. Most governments have a very short-term view with regards to public health, constantly penny-pinching then wondering why the whole system is slowly imploding.

I would love to know your thoughts on this idea. If you have any, scribble them below.

*For any overseas readers, the MoT is a test that cars in the UK must pass to be roadworthy.

2 Comments on “MOT For Your Body”

  1. Bein on long term meds i have an annual check up anyway. Go for blood tests to make sure the meds aint screwin up my body. Get weighed height blood pressure urine tests. Takes bout 20 mins. Then theres the annual mentsl health check up i now have to do. My mum is the same as she has type2 diabetes and high blood pressure asthma etc. If you are already on the radar there is a system in place. But i agree it should be a gen thing even fir healthy people

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