Musical Nostalgia

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Musical Nostalgia

I was in the car today when “Kings Of The Wild Frontier” came on the radio. Adam Ant was my first musical hero, I thought he was awesome. I guess I was about 8 when I started buying his singles.

Other bands from that era that impacted me in a big way include the Human League and Frankie Goes To Hollywood, the latter making me very aware of branding within music.

From there I found rock then metal. Queen. Def Leppard. Poison. Metallica. All the big names of the era.

When I hear any of the above today, I am immediately taken back to those days. At times, I will even get a lump in my throat and feel a real sense of maudlin. I have tried to work out what the hell that is all about, presumably it is lamenting lost youth!

It got me thinking about the last time that I heard new music that really moved me, excited me. I cannot think of anything beyond my 20s that has had any kind of impact beyond, “yeah, that’s quite cool”. Nothing that made me stop and LISTEN and inhale those sounds.

In my 20s, bored with how rock had turned grungy, I explored different kinds of music. TLC caught my ear, of all things. Next thing I knew, I was exploring that kind of music, which lead me toward Imani Coppola, Missy Elliot which, in turn, made me find rap and hip hop.

Rap and hip hop was my nemesis. As a rocker, it was illegal to like rap or hip hop. So it was very much a surprise to me that I really enjoyed Eminem and Kid Rock. Eminem continues to release great music; for me Kid Rock has not.

The final band on the list that hits my emotional core is Blur. I was very late to that party – I had zero interest in the floppy haired doubled snared pop music of the 90s. But then I heard the song “Tender” and realised that there was a genius hiding there somewhere. After all, this song made me cry for some absurd reason. It still does. I immediately bought every Blur CD and was hooked.

That was in the late 90s. I have been wracking my brain to see if any other music or bands has had a strong emotional impact on me and the answer is a resounding NO. I wonder why we lose that? Is it merely that, as a young’un, music is new and exciting and, as we age, it becomes commonplace? Or is it more to do with those raging hormones making us more passionate toward, well, everything!

It is a real shame. There isn’t much in life more satisfying than finding music that truly moves your soul. The amount of times I would drag people toward my stereo to MAKE them listen to the latest bands I had “discovered”. These days, I hear of a new Def Leppard album coming out and I am ambavilant. Very little interest. The 15 year old me would find that unbelievable.

What about you? What are your musical experiences? And, if you are in early middle age / late youth (my preferred term!), do you still find music that hits you right in the heart?

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  1. I was so hooked on Violent Femmes and The Cramps the lyrics are still scattered in my everyday speak. They kinda moulded my personality.. I hear alot of music from the past and like you are transported back to that time. Damn I feel so old. Not alot moves me either. But when major event happen, the music I am listening to is etched with the emotion. My brothers suicide has scarred alot of albums I was listening to at the time. Puscifer especially. (And Depeche mode’s ‘Peace’. This yr will too influence the music I hear.. facing ones own mortality with Cancer is a fucker. X

  2. music plays a big part of my life, for me its lost its appeal of enjoying it, and has become a need to lower the voices i hear, but there are still certain albums or songs that do trigger some sorta reminisance to days gone by, i grew up with bowie (not literally ofcourse) and today i got his last album through the post, i will actually listen to this carefully, knowing he knew he was dying as he did it. from what iv been told there are hidden goodbyes and so forth in it.
    as i said there are songs that still hark me back to yester year, 1 album bein fear factory’s obsolete album, that was the 1st (and only) gig iv been to, it hit me so hard that for years the 1st track was my alarm in the morning, as it jus got me pumped up ready for school/work

    i do tend to stick to metal, but while i was away i actually learnt to appreciate the more wider spectrum thanx to hospital radio, i would actualy enjoy listening to bieber (shoot me now plz) mostly cuz he was played in the evenings when we had done therapy and were allowed to jus chill

    but yes iv not heard any music thats actually got me goin ‘ohhhhhh interesting’ in a vey long time

  3. It may not be cool to say so, but BABYMETAL. I may be in my fifties but they have stolen my soul.
    JAPAN is a gift to THE WORLD that never stops giving in so many ways.

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