Never Stop Asking Questions

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Never Stop Asking Questions

How many people do you know that are stuck in a rut, never deviating from opinions (even when presented with contrary facts) and seem proud to be a luddite? A lot of people form their view-points, likes and dislikes at an early age – usually informed by parents, family, friends or locality – and refuse to change them. This is a lamentable situation that causes stagnation in thinking and the ability to grow as a human being.

Us humans seek a meaning to life. Not believing in a creator, I am pretty certain there is no pre-ordained meaning to life so I fancy we each have to find our own. A lot of people can’t be bothered (part of the reason for the popularity of religion: truth for the lazy); others determine it is family and relationships (a good choice); some deem it to be the amassing of great wealth and power; most think it is to procreate (this would be nature’s favourite).

The meaning of life, for me, is to learn. And I mean that in the broadest sense. I’m not referring to collecting degrees and accolades (not that there is anything wrong with that), I am talking about a desire to understand anything and everything. The only way to do this is to keep asking questions. Ask questions of others, ask questions of yourself. If you want to enjoy and explore personal growth, this is the only way to achieve that.

Throughout my life, I have held pig-headed opinions about various subjects. At the time of holding those beliefs, I was steadfast in my resolve, refusing to deviate or listen to reason nor alternative information nor opinions. Thankfully, I grew up. Part of the reason most of us go through that stage is to work out our place in the world and to establish ourselves as people. After all, we are still relatively new to this life-thing and don’t quite appreciate “old people” telling us what’s what.

Thing is, some of those “old people” know a thing or two. Something that I find continually astounding – and quite unexpected – as I have aged is how much more confident and wise I feel. Something about merely not dying makes us quite impressed with ourselves. At stages, I also came to the conclusion that, actually, a lot of what I held dear was total arse. Lucky for me, as I grew up, I grew up, learning to put my ego to one side and started to seek answers to some of the bigger questions. Those smaller ones, too.

It is very easy to stay on the same treadmill for your whole life. After all, asking questions could give you answers you weren’t expecting or didn’t want to hear. It may cause you to challenge yourself and it could lead to you having to make major life decisions. But, surely, that is the whole point?

Never be satisfied. Always want more. Isn’t that what we are taught? Alas, being on earth during a time when commercialism is king, we assume that means never being satisfied with what we have got and always wanting more stuff. Both assumptions are wrong. In fact, I would go so far to say less is more: the more crap we have around us, distracting us from what is real and what is important, the more we lose our way.

Seek the path of wisdom and of truth. All wisdom is a gift. Sure, it may be a gift that can be hard to attain but, the good thing is, once you have that gift you can pass it on to others. Some truths are factual, others are personal so learn to distinct between them. And, when the path goes in a direction you weren’t expecting, don’t be afraid to explore it.

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