One Year Ago Today: Epic Road Trip #1

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What a difference a year makes. Who could have seen the events of 2020 – and now 2021 – impacting our lives so much? When Vikki and I flew out to Croatia on this date in 2020, there was rumours of a virus and we joked how we had “survived” multiple flights upon our return. There were no masks. There was no social distancing. There was…normality.

A year later and the reason for our Epic Road Trip in Croatia and Montenegro – which was to hunt for an apartment to buy – has culminated in a purchase (more on that later) that, to-date, we haven’t been able to finish so haven’t been able to rent it out. First world problem, I know, but it is frustrating so, rather than sit around, chewing my nails, I wanted to reflect on the trip and remind myself of…normality!

What follows is the entry from my diary for that date. Unedited.

Sunday 26th January 2020 – ROVINJ

What a day! I am exhausted. Up at 7.30 after barely sleeping. Got dressed, last packing then to the airport. No luggage to check in so not much hanging around.

First leg – Newcastle to Charles de Gaul in Paris. Couple of hours, little plane. Had an hour in between but was quite a journey from landing to terminal. And then V got stuck in security as my protein bars needed checking!

Next plane was bigger so we had leg room. Two hours to Zagreb [Croatia] went fast. After passport control etc we went to find the car hire. Lots of extra charges – ferry and exiting the country cost an extra £100* – then got in the car (a hybrid) and took a while to get going.

First stop was a supermarket. I managed to go the wrong way down a one-way street and then entered an exit. Nice man at the supermarket helped then gave us a Euro for the trolley.

After shopping and a protein shake we set off. A long, tiring journey, mostly in heavy fog so it was slow going and I had to keep my wits about me.

Arrived about 10.45. Dragged ourselves and our shopping until we met our host, a young-ish chap who runs an antique store, who was very friendly. A quick guided tour of the small but efficient space and we wandered like zombies until we had the wits to cook, eat and watch Big Mouth. After this, a bit more food and sleep so we can explore tomorrow.

*Managed to get that fee – and more – refunded via a claim through the credit card company. There were lots of hidden fees and charges we were not warned about. Fuckers.

View from the Airbnb in Rovinj

You can view the full photo album from this trip at

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