One Year Ago Today: Epic Road Trip #2

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This day was our first full day in Croatia, the plan to view several properties in Rovinj in the province of Istria which is in the north of the country. It used to be part of Italy and actually has dual languages with both Croatian and Italian in use. Before this day, I believed that the apartment we would end up buying would be one of the ones we were appointed to view. Was that the case? Again, what follows are unedited excerpts from my diary. Read on…

Monday 27th January 2020 – ROVINJ

Slept deeply but did get woken up a few times. Still managed to stay snoozing until 10.30. Got up and got ready and got out. Bit chilly and hazy.

Had a look around before meeting Alesandro by the clock tower to view apts. He was in a big hurry but friendly enough. First place was tiny with a poor layout – wasn’t a fan. We then went to meet the owner of the 2nd one, which was always a face of mine. She was friendly enough and the apt was lovely. Could be rented out as-is. Was really nicely done and an excellent use of space.

We then went to the second apt she owned. It was nice. Similar style – but not as nice. Also had stairs. Still, good to compare/contrast. It was also cheaper.

Finally we went to view a modern apt (still in a 400 year old building, but modern decor), which also had an excellent layout. Tough wearing surfaces, which were smooth and made from non-natural materials so easy to clean and keep clean. Owner was friendly too.

After that, came back to our apt to chat. Sat on the balcony having breakfast and ruled apt#1 out. We then went to explore. Walked around the edge of the bay, through the places they call “beaches” (which are weird triangular water invaders) then sat to finish flaps* It was here I felt a bit like I’d wet myself – looked down and it looked like I’d wet myself. But, nope, the CBD that was in my pocket had opened and leaked. So I had to spend the rest of the day looking like a tramp.

Got a few bits, back to the apt for protein shakes and chill then went for a walk to a big supermarket. Found them and went in all of them. Still didn’t get all we want. Their excuse for peanut butter is quite poor. Walking around at night made me feel very different. Apart from being cold (b00) it was just a bit plain and had no atmosphere. How much that has to do with the time of year remains to be seen.

Got back, got food and watched a funny film of Netflix. Then went for another half-hour walk before coming back and slowly getting ready for bed. Quite exhausted.

*DIY protein flapjacks which I make prior to travel, freeze and take with me.

Rovinj. The “Venice” of Croatia.

You can view the full photo album from this trip at

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