One Year Ago Today: Epic Road Trip #3

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This day was spent mostly driving from the north of the country into the Dalmatia region, which encompasses Trogir, Split and Dubrovnik (although there are a few hours between Split and Dubrovnik.). From my (not particularly exciting) diary entry:

Tuesday 28th January 2020 – ROVINJ to TROGIR

Up at 10, got ready and got out. Weather was a bit gloomy so didn’t mind leaving. Didn’t yearn to stay, which tells me something about Rovinj.

Started the long journey to Trogir. Left at 11.15ish, arrived gone 6. Was a mostly good journey, by the coastline among mountains, rocks, dramatic scenery and windy roads. Weather was spotty with rain for most of it.

Stopped at a Tomy for a wee then, an hour or so later, stopped for petrol and I made a protein shake. The roads were then extra winding so I had a bit of a hard time eating it. Never mind!

Drive into Trogir was exciting as you approach it from a great height and wind your way into it. Slightly confusing parking situation where I was in one bit for a few minutes before one of the owners – who spoke zero English – took me to the place where we could actually park.

Once ensconced – nice place, btw: large – we went to ALL of the supermarkets. Couldn’t find salmon so got grilled mackerel. Back to the apt, cooked and ate watching Big Mouth then we walked around Trogir in the dark. It’s incredible! Medieval and a bit decrepit and exciting. Really want to see more and a bit gutted that we’re leaving tomorrow.

Lots of photos, lots of cats. Started raining a bit so took that as our cue to come back to the apt. My jeans have gotten worse, the CBD oil having spread, so I ran them under a hot tap and have hung them under the air con unit. I then had a shower and shave, washing the road off of me. V did washing up and is now doing the same. I guess we’ll soon get food and get ready for bed.

Trogir at night. Stunning.
The most famous sight in Trogir.

You can view the full photo album from this trip at

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