One Year Ago Today: Epic Road Trip #4

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Little did we know it at the time, but today was the day that we found the apartment we would eventually buy. Funnily enough, we had crossed it off our list and re-added it several times. One of the reasons was that it was privately owned by a couple in the UK, making viewing a tad awkward. Plus, in the photos, it didn’t look that great. Apart from one photo: the view. It was that view that made us eventually decide that we would see it. The following is unedited from my diary of that day.

Wednesday 29th January 2020 – TROGIR & CIOVO to SPLIT

Bizarre night last night. Uncomfortable bed and, at 6am, the church bells went fucking bananas. Got up at 10, got ready and got to the car only to find Sonjay [real estate agent] there who I thought was a guy but she was a gal.

Followed her to the first four apartments. They were all nice, but the area was like a tip. Spent a while looking around them all. We then went to meet another bloke with another couple of apartments. Much nicer position – and cheaper – but, again, a tip.

The agent was very friendly and she showed us the way to our next appointment, a €100k (ono) apartment on the south side of Ciovo shown to us by Murray and his wife. They were super friendly and helpful – our first Croatian friends (although Murray is Scottish) – and we stayed for ages chatting. We both loved the apartment. Large, very light and airy, nicely appointed and decorated. Would only need TV and the internet and it would be good to go. I sat at the dinner table making notes and felt right at home. For some reason it reminded me of N&G’s Littlehampton flat*

View from the apartment in Ciovo
Inside the apartment with the sun beaming through the double patio doors.

Left there after 2 to meet the next agent in Kastella. She was very posh looking and almost stand-offish, so I got a vibe off her I didn’t like much. First apt was one we’d rejected, although it was nicer in the flesh. The area was beautiful. Next apt was IN A CASTLE and it was quite nice, nautically decorated. Area not as nice. Last area was opposite an amazing castle but didn’t like the apt/house or the owner (although he reckoned it rents for €10k p.a.). The area though was littered with cars. Quite off putting.

View of the castle from the grotty house in Kastella.

Left her and went to Split arriving about 5ish. The owner [of the hotel] was very nice. Once checked in, had protein shake then went to explore. Split old town is great. Medieval and full of history. Lots to see. We’ve actually decided not to go to Brac [an island a few hours’ ferry trip away with a couple of apartments on] as we don’t want the 6am start so will stay here until 1 or 2pm then an easy drive to Kotor (quite long).

Found a Spar with some fish in it, came back and ate then went on a very long walk. The palace that is in the old town is something pretty special.

Palace in Split Old Town.

*My nan and granddad owned a seafront flat on the outskirts of Littlehampton in Sussex. They bought it so they had somewhere to have a cup of tea when they went to Littlehampton every Tuesday. Nice to have money!

You can view the full photo album from this trip at

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