One Year Ago Today: Epic Road Trip #5

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From Croatia to Montenegro today, via Herzegovena, through some of the most stunning scenery I have seen pausing en route to have a look at Dubrovnik. Today may have been my favourite. From the diary:

Thursday 30th January 2020 – SPLIT to KOTOR

Up by 10, go ready and was in the car by 11. Checked the times and it looked to be a 6hr trip so we decided to leave straight away.

Was a lovely journey with most of it being on coastal roads. The further down [the country] we got the more beautiful it was. I was so enamoured with that flat in Ciovo yesterday but, after seeing how beautiful it is further down, I really want a place further south. Really going to have to do some hearts vs. head thinking.

Some of the spectacular scenery on our journey.

Arrive in Dubrovnik about 4. Only stopped for a moment to take photos, but my heart sung. Oh how I love that place. It is pure magic.

Dubrovnik Old Town. That is my dream location.

An hour later – and some confusing customs/borders – we were in Montenegro. Got our first [passport] stamp. Within minutes we were being ushered down a different road by a non-English speaking native waving his arms around. We were then going through a very scummy town.

A bit further down the road we had to surprisingly embark a ferry. Alas, when we got off, the sat nav packed in and internet connection was poor. On top of that, the road we were on was two-way traffic with barely enough room for one car. It was fucking stressful as the locals drive like, well, locals! I just got with it and drove like a turbo nutter. Hated it.

Arrived, met by owner of apt we’re renting – really friendly. Nowhere to park so he paid for private parking. The apt itself is really nice. Large, in the old bit of Kotor. Great mural on the ceiling. After checking in and protein shake we went to find supermarkets. Got most of what we wanted.

Mural on the ceiling in our apartment within Kotor Old Town.

Got back, made food, watched the last Big Mouth then went for a wander. Kotor is quite spectacular. It doesn’t win me over like Dubrovnik does – not sure why (location, I guess) – but we’ll see what daylight and sunshine brings. And, hopefully, a bit of sleep.

Entrance to Kotor Old Town.

Back at 11. Found a couple of apts in Cavtat [near Dubrovnik] so messaged to try and view on Sat. Then got ready for bed.

Interesting building within Kotor Old Town.

You can view the full photo album from this trip at

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