One Year Ago Today: Epic Road Trip #6

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A busy day ahead. I had very high hopes for Kotor and Montenegro but something fell flat for me. Having said that, a year later, I am still itching after one of the apartments we viewed. From my diary:

Friday 31st January 2020 – KOTOR (MONTENEGRO)

Up about 9.30. Slept OK. Had a shower/ hairwash/shave then went out to the North Gate to meet Peter, the first estate agent. Very friendly and chatty. Went to his office then went to look at properties.

First one was a straight No, within moments. We then went and met a (very untalkative) guy with two; the first having a very dirty tenant, the second not open. So, no and no! Was getting disappointed by this point. The next one was a bit better. The final one was in the old town but he didn’t have the right key!

Estate agent, Peter, leading us to the apartment to which he had the wrong key..!

Almost as soon as he left we met Ivana and her colleague. Both very friendly. First apt was a large 2 bed in the centre of the Old Town. Very impressive, too expensive and needs work but MASSES of potential. It played on my mind.

View from the first apartment. This is the one I hope is still for sale when I next have ££!

They had the key to the other one, so went to see that but it was a bit meh. From there to an apt in a building we looked at earlier. Then another two. Crappy surroundings but the most amazing terraces and spectacular views, even on an overcast day. One final apt was actually tidy (in the surroundings) and had a great, if obscured view. If the surroundings of that were with the previous, that would have been great. I kept asking about the first one. She reckons €10k to do it up, but that could take 6 months. Pfft.

Great views. Just imagine that in the sun!

Protein shake and a chill. Have arranged a last minute viewing of an apt in Cavtat tomorrow, one I found last night. Have also asked to see the first one [from this afternoon] again at 12.

Went for a walk around town, chatting about the properties, then got groceries and came back to get food. Really knackered by this point so went for another walk. Quite chilly so that woke us up a bit.

Kotor is famed for its cats. Vikki fed them and even drained an absess one another.
Since then, she has helped by donating to Kotor Cats.

It’s weird. On paper, Kotor ticks all my boxes, but there’s something that’s not working for me. Might be the sun, which is supposed to be out tomorrow, so will see if that helps.

You can view the full photo album from this trip at

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