One Year Ago Today: Epic Road Trip #8

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My least favourite part of (nearly) every trip is returning home. If I could live my life any way I wanted, it would be permanently on the road. Just not in the kind of way that means living in a tent and backpacking so, to do that, I need a helluvalotmoremoneythanIhaverightnow! Final entry from my diary:

Sunday 2nd February 2020 – CROATIA to HOME

Always a bit odd, starting a day in one country, ending it at home. How did that happen?

Awoke about 9.30 in Croatia. Quite a good sleep. Hungry from the get-go – I had a small protein shake in the fridge so drunk that. Left for the airport, chatting, absent-minded and somehow ended up back in Dubrovnik, the totally wrong direction from the airport.

First flight on a teeny plane was Dubrovnik to Zagreb. Nice ‘n’ easy, flaps scoffed on board. We then had a long wait in Zagreb. Had a coffee, went through emails/eBay Porsches and so on. Quite fancy getting a Cayenne Hybrid after my time with the car in Croatia.

View from the plane between Dubrovnik and Zagreb.

Eventually got to fly from Zagreb to Amsterdam. Bad weather over there so bumpy landing. Small delay taking off though so not much loitering in Amsterdam, which was almost a shame as it’s a good airport.

Final journey, Amsterdam to Newcastle. After another KLM flight – quite nice staff etc. Landed about 10pm UK time. Passport control, baggage claim, car hunt, petrol then home. Arrived just gone midnight to a puppy waiting to explode with joy; a ‘oh, it’s you’ from Rambo (but happy really) and I’ve not even seen Roxy or Mucha yet.

Tired and hungry. LOTS to think about…

What happened next? STAY TUNED!

You can view the full photo album from this trip at

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