PBMF Healthy Chinese Recipe

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PBMF Healthy Chinese Recipe

I’ve been tinkering with various healthy versions of Chinese food for years now. I had just about got it nailed when I ditched all the meat, fish and dairy to become a PBMF. This was a real headscratch for me as I was so used to have lumps of chewy things to chomp on. After further tinkering, I have come up with this. It is still healthy, damn delicious, cheap and easy. Don’t feel obliged to follow the recipe to the letter – the best thing about cooking is experimenting and coming up with your own versions – so use this as a good starting point.

Toasted sesame oil
Ginger root
Shitake mushrooms
Runner beans
Soy sauce (best to splash out on the 100% sauce as cheaper ones add all sorts of nonsense to it)
Sweet chilli sauce
Ketchup (I use Walden Farms zero calorie ketchup)
Chick peas
Tenderstem brocolli
Noodles (I favour either Vermacelli wholegrain noodles or Bare Naked zero calorie noodles if I don’t want the carbs)
Gosh burger (OK, a bit of a cheat but they are really nice. Most supermarkets stock them, they are decent quality and unprocessed. I have the mushroom and lentil burger. An alternative to this is cauliflower if you are after large lumps of chewy things in your meal)

1) Heat up the wok with a teeny tiny (ie less than a teaspoon) of toasted sesame oil.
2) Finely chop a slither of ginger root and toss that into the oil when it is really hot. It should sizzle.
3) Chop up the onion into slices and add that. Cook both together until the onions start to brown.
4) Chop up the mushrooms and add them.
5) Ditto the tomatoes.
6) I like to add finely chopped parsley and turmeric at this point for health reasons, but leave it out if you aren’t a fan.
7) Chop runner beans in half and bung them in.
8) If you are having cauliflower, add that now.
9) Now add the soy sauce, a couple of squirts of sweet chilli and the ketchup. This makes a really nice, sticky sauce combo – sweet, salty and mildly hot.
10) Throw in some chick peas for texture.
11) Slice lengthways some tenderstem brocolli. If you haven’t had these, they are really nice with the stalk having a buttery taste.
12) Add some sweetcorn and beansprouts for colour and texture.
13) Add the noodles, cooking them separately if they need it. I tend to use the zero calorie/carb noodles as they soak up the flavour.
14) Cook all this together for a while, folding regularly, occasionally adding dribbles of boiled water.
15) If you are adding a Gosh burger (similar alternatives can be things like vegan sausages), chop it into bitesize chunks and add it now. Anything like this you add must be pre-cooked.
16) Add the watercress / similar.
17) Fold this all together until the watercress has wilted.
18) Serve into a great big fuck off bowl and prepare to get full!

PBMF Healthy Chinese Recipe

Total cooking time is about 30 minutes. Remember, the ingredients can be added to or subtracted from to your own taste. Experiment and work out what your favourite combination is. I would love to hear about it below.

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