Small Steps To Greatness

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Small Steps To Greatness

Having ambition or big goals is daunting. Scrap that, it can be completely overwhelming. At various times throughout my life, the destination has seemed so far away I have almost been scared to start the journey. I have been there, scratching my head trying to write a song knowing that an album will eventually be sitting on the shelves of a music store. When Vikki and I first started the band, we never imagined where it would end up. If we had known – and if we had known what would be involved to get there – it would have seemed like an impossible task. We were prepared to work hard and work smart, however, so we surpassed our dreams.

If we had started SMELLYOURMUM.COM with the aim of selling 100,000 T-shirts, that would have seemed crazy. But we got there, one T-Shirt at a time. Likewise, if I had known when I sat down to try and unravel my confused brain that it was going to end up being a book that would eventually be in the hands of people to read, a) I may not have started and, b) I may not have been quite so open and honest.

I am someone that gets stressed easily. I have learned to take baby steps to calm myself down so I can achieve my goals. In “A Life Amid Crisis“, I explain how I overcame my fear of flying exactly through that process.

Greatness can be achieved. It will never be easy and nor should it be. It is what sorts the wannabes from the winners; when the going gets tough, the wannabes get going! However, instead of seeing an impossible target way in the distance, if they had just focussed on the closest, smallest target – then the next, then the next – who knows where they could end up. That’s what I do and what I continue to do.

Look at the ground just ahead of you, not the finish line miles in the distance and you will find the journey much easier to accomplish.

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