Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

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Thankfully, I am getting older. Of course, there are aspects of it I am not too keen on, and I resent the bits that used to work quite well playing up a bit, but it is better than the alternative. Dead right! It has long been known that women in middle age go through a massive hormonal change which interferes … Read More

Five Star All The Way!

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OK, not quite… But out of 20 reviews of my book on Amazon, a whopping 19 of them are five star. The rogue one is a four star so it keeps the average at 5.0 stars. Nice. If you’ve not bought one yet, I’ve pasted a picture below quoting some readers, maybe it will encourage you. Of course, you can … Read More

My Book An Amazon Bestseller!

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My Book An Amazon Bestseller!

Quite unbelievably, just a few days after release, my debut book “A Life Amid Crisis” entered Amazon’s Music Biography chart peaking at number 3. To say this is both a surprise and a dream-cum-true is a bit of an understatement. It’s not often I am overwhelmed but this is one of those occasions. If you are ONE OF THEM, thank … Read More