The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

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The More Things Change...

I had reason to visit the doctor last week. This is not something I do often, or willingly, but there was a mental issue I wanted to discuss. I had watched a documentary on Adderall, the drug commonly prescribed in the USA for children with ADHD. The doc posited that it was being overprescribed to anyone that pretty much wanted … Read More

Is It Really THAT Hard To Say Sorry?

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Is It Really THAT Hard To Say Sorry?

The past couple of weeks have really put my new-found ability to practise mindfulness in frustrating situations under the ultimate stress test. For a start, there has been an ongoing issue with my car. One of those annoying intermittent faults that you cannot track down, so the only solution is to gradually replace the most likely culprits until you hit … Read More

Terrorism: A War We Cannot Win

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A War We Cannot Win

Manchester, England 22nd May 2017. A suicide bomber blows himself up at a concert mostly attended by young people with their whole lives ahead, killing – at the time of writing – 22. That sentence should tell you everything you ever need to know about the mindset of the people that carry out these acts. As per usual, whenever one … Read More