Trick Or Mistreat

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Trick Or Mistreat

It’s the night before Hallowe’en as I write this. It is a special time of year for me, mainly due to the memories that it conjures up. You see, it was around this time of year, several moons ago, that my band – SPiT LiKE THiS – first encountered a whiff of success.

One drunken afternoon, several months prior, I wrote a song called “Trick Or Mistreat”. If you have ever heard the song, you will understand immediately just how drunk I was. It was a spark of genius or madness, never to be repeated or replicated, straight from the first left at Crazytown. And I loved it.

Shortly thereafter, we acquired our first manager. Once he heard this new tune, pound signs span in his eyes like in olde worlde cartoons. We were signed, we recorded the song proper-like and, next thing we knew, it was on a shiny CD ready to become our first commercial release. What that means, ladies and gents, is that it was the first of our CDs that was actually on the shelves in record stores. (A “record store” is kind of like a giant MP3 player inside a building, for those younger readers).

There aren’t many moments finer in a musician’s life than seeing their music released to the public at large. That will always stick with me. Thanks to the support of our fans on MySpace (“MySpace” was kind of like a music version of Facebook, for those younger readers), the CD was propelled to the number 1 slot on Amazon, beating Oasis, U2 and the Foo Fighters. And thanks to the support of TotalRock Radio, who A-Listed it, it rose up the charts sneaking into the Rock Top 10.

It coulda/shoulda been huge. Once upon a time, in the 70s or 80s when the music industry knew arse from elbow, it would have been. Alas, it was not to be. Instead of sitting back on a gold throne every Hallows Eve counting the filthy lucre pouring in from repeated airplay, it fizzled and died. It’s moment in the moonlight had been and gone.

But I am still very proud of that achievement. And of the song. It still makes me smile today. Here is the Spotify link, should you want to put a smile on yours.

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