TRT Update 2: I Have The Power!!

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TRT Update 2

OK, so I’m not quite He-Man yet, but a lot of the benefits of the Sustanon testosterone injection are kicking in. There have been a few unwelcome side effects, but all have been temporary as my body adjusts to this influx of hormones. I have also had a follow up blood test, the results of which make interesting reading.

First and foremost, how the Sustanon makes me feel. Mostly awesome. OK, I have down days but, as someone who has suffered severe depression in the past, those down days are mere blips on the black horizon. I have been doing a lot of other things to combat the depression, so I cannot put it all down to the test, but it sure does make me feel buoyant. And strong. Very strong! Well, for me, anyway. Not early-20s strong, but much stronger than I have been feeling the the last few years.

Now, when I workout, even if I am tired just prior to entering my goddamn outdoor gym (some decisions I have made have not always been amazing), once I start lifting the weights I get an abundance of energy and strength that I certainly didn’t feel like I had. My stamina is much higher and I am getting less muscle/joint tweaks and strains whilst working out. I’m not pushing too much, simply because I don’t know how much stronger the connective tissues have gotten and I want them to acclimatise and build, but I am adding extra reps, extra sets and increased weight.

Obviously, this has changed my physique a bit and I have put on a couple of pounds of lean muscle. That may not sound like much, but I am coming from a very lightweight place (less than 10 stones) so it represents a decent percentage of my bodyweight. I doubt I will ever get back up to my heaviest (circa 13 stones) but I’d be happy as hell if I got to 11. Early days.

So, what about the downsides? There have been a few. The occasional painful injection aside (they are mostly pain-free but, every now and again…ouch!), I experienced pain behind my left nipple for a while and pain in my left testicle. It was like being 14 all over again. My chest did get spotty (bumpy rash-like rather than icky boils) and I had very swollen ankles for a while. They were quite odd. First appearance lasted almost a week. Then, exactly one week after they first appeared, they were back, if slightly less swollen. Third week, the same (ie came back but less swollen) and they continued like that, every Thursday like clockwork until it stopped. I cut salt from my diet, did more cardio, got compression socks, an office chair with leg rests, a desk treadmill all in an attempt to curb the problem but the only thing that fixed it was time. I guess it was just a weird hormone imbalance (swollen ankles is a side effect, so I wasn’t duly worried, I just sulked a lot looking at my “fat” ankles).

Oh, and the testicles of a 12 year old boy. Thankfully, that side effect is also reversing. The science behind that is that the body is getting so much test, the pituitary gland just stops producing it making your bollocks redundant. Everything still works as it should (better, in fact), it just looks a bit sillier than normal.

I had another blood test and will compare the results of the pre-Sustanon one with the latest, just to highlight the difference it has made.

BLOOD TEST RESULTS (oldest-newest)

Oestradiol………84 vs 65 Oestrogen production so this coming down is a GOOD THING.

Testosterone…….33.7 vs 191 Clearly, this has shot up; a GOOD THING.

SHBG……………156 vs 91 Sex Hormone Binding Globule. This is the number that causes my low test problem as it binds to the test and, what remains, is Free Test, ie what your body can actually use. So this coming down is a GOOD THING.

Free Testosterone..0.224 vs 4.520 OK, so this is way out of the “Normal” range, but I see this as it settling in. Same with my test levels which are now super high. A GOOD THING.

Prolactin……….303 vs 267 This is responsible for breast milk production so it coming down is a GOOD THING.

PSA (Prostate)…..0.432 vs 0.697 Although this marker has (unsurprisingly) raised slightly, it is still within the normal range of less than 2ug (new range, it was less than 4ug). Still a GOOD THING.

There we have it. So far, so good. I am sticking with the Sustanon for a few more months, will have another blood test and if my crazy Testosterone, SHBG and Free Testosterone levels haven’t calmed down a bit, it has been suggested I try a different medication. Still injection based, just with one form of testosterone instead of the four that Sustanon has.

PS I get my TRT via – if you sign up, tell them I sent you. I mentioned that I was doing a blog to them and they said I’d get a kickback if anyone signs up from it. Thanks in advance – every little helps!

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