TRT Update

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TRT Update

You may recall, on my last blog about TRT, I posted an update to say that I had moved from gel to injections. Sustanon, in fact.

It’s very odd. I’ve been lifting weights since I was about 18 years old. During that time, I have avoided taking any kind of steroid, preferring to stay natural and, frankly, because I was a bit scared and don’t like needles. Here I am, nearly 30 years later, taking testosterone to keep myself from falling apart. Well, not quite, but it’s still an odd feeling.

First injection was in my butt. Top of the right butt cheek. Wasn’t looking forward to it but, thankfully, I have a Vikki that took it upon herself to learn how to juice me up. I was pleasantly surprised at how little it hurt. However, that was not to last as, for a few days after, I was hobbling around.

A bit of research suggested that we had done a few things wrong. For a start, I’d just been on a bike ride so my bum was pumped. Secondly, being a wuss, I decided to numb the area with a can of Pepsi. That was also a mistake. It would seem that an un-pumped, warm muscle would be a better option.

Next week, no pre-jab cycling. No butt freezing. Instead, a gentle butt massage and the warming of the Sustanon itself. Again, no pain and less pain as the time went on. Still, it was impractical having a hurty butt for 50% of the time.

Third week in and we decided to give the shoulder a go. I was expecting this to hurt more but it was fine. It never hurts, it’s just annoying. Yes, for a few days it hurts a bit when touched, but I don’t sit on my shoulder, so it is much easier to deal with.

Fourth week, same place, same results. I’ll be having another tomorrow.

Forget about all that, though, have I seen any results? In short, yes. For a start, I have more energy. I’m not quite running around like a teenager yet, but I am certainly a lot livelier. Next, my mood, which is generally much more upbeat and positive – this, in turn, has made me more confident. Last but not least, my strength and endurance has increased noticeably. When I lift weights, I am able to go heavier for longer with less pain. I am able – and eager – to continue for longer. I also recover faster. I’m pleased to say that the extra strength has meant slightly larger muscles. It’s early days, but I’m fully expecting to end up noticeably bigger.

I will keep updating every month or two. Before embarking on this journey, I did a lot of online searching for personal experiences and found many useful so it only seems right to add my own to that mix.

If you are thinking about it, I’d say stop thinking and just do it.

UPDATE 2nd JUNE – Just had my fifth injection, in the shoulder just like the previous two. This one hurt. Note to self: don’t inject into areas you have just worked out…ouch!

PS I get my TRT via – if you sign up, tell them I sent you. I mentioned that I was doing a blog to them and they said I’d get a kickback if anyone signs up from it. Thanks in advance – every little helps!

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  1. larger muscles? does this mean we will soon see a popeye Z in the future?!?!?!?!

    always interesting reading your posts…. hint….. do more!!!!!!

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