What’s The Point?

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What's The Point?

I know, I know. Another bloody blog. Another irritating human being who has gone through some kind of enlightening and now thinks he needs to share his thoughts and knowledge with the world. I get it. The planet doesn’t need this blog. It won’t miss it if it isn’t here and you certainly have much better things to do with your time.

But I need it. I write. I like to write a lot. I have spent my whole adult life writing, mostly in song form but, latterly, have indulged in screenplays and manuscripts. I am also a diarist. Since 1990, I have written a full page of a diary – 26 volumes and counting.

Clearly, I feel the need to document. It’s the same urge that likes to make sense and order of my surroundings, filing it all away, creating places for things. This blog spot is an extension of that. I can’t sit down every day and write a book, but most days something pops up that I would like to get off my chest.

Some days, this blog will be nonsensical. Sometimes, thoughtful. Occasionally upsetting, always truthful and mostly humourous.

Feel free to join me. Like you, I am pretty clueless about most areas of life. However, fascination with the big question – WHY? – leads me to make a concerted effort to understand, evolve my thinking so I can adapt and re-position where necessary.

This might be a journey you want to be a part of. Or apart from. Hopefully, you will at least stick with it for a bit. I apologise in advance for the swearing. I am also sure I will prove myself to be a total hypocrite on more than one occasion. I will sometimes be plugging a book or similar but, mostly, I will be having a private natter with myself in which you are more than welcome to eavesdrop. If you feel the urge to join in, there are various ways to connect.

So, have a poke around the site. Bookmark it. Maybe subscribe.

Let’s work this shit out together.

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