Why Goal Setting Is Important

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Why Goal Setting Is Important

It’s January 1st 2018, traditionally a time to reflect on the previous year and look back at achievements made. It is also a time to decide what goals you should set yourself for the forthcoming year. But why is this important?

If you were on a boat, setting sail on the high seas, you would want to know where you were headed. Without a destination, you are just bobbing about on water, letting the tides decide your fate. Whilst this can be good fun and quite exciting for a while, you may be less happy if you drift to an island of cannibals and end up in one of their stews. Life can be a bit of a pickle like that.

Some of us are rudderless and don’t really know what we want. Case-in-point: me. For as long as I knew, I wanted one thing, that was to be a cool rock star. I spent my life, devoting everything to achieving that and, on a micro-level, was successful. But then I reached a point in life where it was no longer what I wanted. I didn’t know what I wanted, but I knew it wasn’t that.

I had no Plan B. I still have no Plan B. I am, somewhat, rudderless. But there are big goals in mind; things that I want that are in reach, as long as I focus and apply myself. To achieve this one big goal, I have to make lots of smaller targets to hit at certain points along the way to get there. Without these smaller targets, I would have no way of measuring to see if I was on course. I do not set off blinkered, however, and I keep my eyes and ears open for any opportunities that may come my way. Sometimes the best things happen by accident, but only if you are paying attention.

Like millions of us, I have set myself a list of goals for 2018. Some of them are designed to motivate me, others are to make sure I do not forget to do some awesome things, others are to make sure I keep check of both my physical and mental health. All work in conjunction with eachother to compound successes and achievements. As well as a target, I set a time limit and, although I don’t set out to fail, if I don’t achieve within that time-frame, I don’t beat myself up about it. After all, life does have a habit of changing your plans! When this happens, though, I just slightly re-adjust and start from there.

Goals don’t have to be massive. All they have to be is something that you are in control of. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Goals shouldn’t be really easy to achieve, but they shouldn’t be so impossible that you end up feeling like a loser. If, like me, you have a large end goal, don’t forget to mark out those targets on the way, just to make sure you are on track.

Unhappy with your life? Unhappy with situations? Feel like you want more? Feel like you need less? All of these things can be changed by making resolutions, plans, goals, targets AND FOLLOWING THEM. It really isn’t that hard, you just do it.

To find out more about my own rudderless period, check out my book, “A Life Amid Crisis“.

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  1. My goal for 2018 is to have a rest from health problems, and to hopefully find somewhere to live, before the Landlady evicts us! That’s all i can cope with this year!

    Happy New Year to you and Vikki, and all the critters! Hope 2018 will be a happy, healthy and prosperous year for you!

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