Yoga Lesson One

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Yoga Lesson 1

I tried Yoga today for the first time. Being blessed with very short, tight tendons, I am not a flexible nor bendy person. Think C-3PO. As I’m getting older, I am becoming more and more aware of a decrease in what little flexibility I do have along with an increase in aches and pains. Quite a crap combination.

For a long time I have read all about the benefits of Yoga: an increase in core strength, tendon strength, co-ordination, flexibility and suppleness, so it has always been on that list of Things To Do When I Get Older.

Well, I am Older and it was time to start. To make sure that I actually do do it, I spent ££ on it, buying a DVD, mat, strap and blocks. The DVD and blocks arrived today and, as the weather was a bit crappy, I figured I should give it a go.

I made it through two workouts, although I do now feel as though I have been in 17 Richard Hammond crashes. However, I am hopeful that my flexibility will increase, my tendons will strengthen and loosen and I may get within three feet of being able to touch my toes!

Occasionally, I will post an update where I will – hopefully – be writing about the positive results of this new (to me) exercise regimen. If you were once like me and are now and bendy as spaghetti, give me a bit of encouragement below, will ya?!

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