Lord Zion’s YouTube Channel

At the beginning of 2016, Vikki and I started a YouTube channel, ZVTV. After all the problems finding an editor for “Meet The Cadavers” [link] I thought I might teach myself some basic editing techniques which may help speed up the film’s release.

I learned an awful lot, mostly that I hated editing!

For a YouTube channel to be successful, it needs to be devoted to a niche so it’s target audience can understand exactly what it is and what they will be getting. We had no niche – quite deliberately – and our channel is a mish-mash of whateverthehellweliked. Some of it is regarding health and fitness, some of it horse training, there are movie reviews, some band stuff and even comedy sketches.

The way I saw it was as a CHANNEL, ie like a TV channel where all sorts of shows appear. Alas, this is not how to build a successful YouTube channel, as our subscriber and view count will testify.

It’s a shame as we had an awful lot of fun doing it but the time and effort are better spent elsewhere. It was a year-long experiment resulting in just shy of 100 videos. I am sure they will be added to throughout this and subsequent years, just not with the same frequency.


“If you believe in what you do, others will believe in you. That is why you must follow your own truth. People will always spot a liar. It may make you unpopular to some and it will lead to many, awkward, unwelcome stand-offs, but life is full of those anyway, so you may as well get what you want out of them.”